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natural rubber

Natural Rubber
Common Name Natural Rubber
ASTM D-2000 Classification AA
Military (MIL STD 417) RN
Chemical Definition Polyisoprene
General Characteristics
Durometer Range (Shore A) 20 - 100
Tensile Range (P.S.I.) 500 - 3500
Elongation (Max. %) 700
Compression Set Excellent
Resilience - Rebound Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Tear Resistance Excellent
Solvent Resistance Poor
Oil Resistance Poor
Low Temperature Usage (F°) -20° to -60°
High Temperature Usage (F°) to 175°
Aging Weather - Sunlight Poor
Adhesion to Metal Excellent
Natural Rubber has many good characteristics. It has high resilience, good compressions set, food roll building behavior and molding properties; very good friction surface, but not a fine smooth surface when ground; high tear strength, low crack growth; usable for ketones and alcohol; and good low temperature properties.
Natural rubber is not recommended for oil and solvent resistance and ozone attacks it.