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Common Name Fluorosilicone
ASTM D-2000 Classification FK
Military MIL R-25988 Amend 2
Chemical Definition Fluorosilicone
General Characteristics
Durometer Range (Shore A) 50 - 80
Tensile Range (P.S.I.) 500 - 800
Elongation (Max. %) 300
Compression Set Fair to Good
Resilience - Rebound Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Poor
Tear Resistance Poor
Solvent Resistance Fair
Oil Resistance Good
Low Temperature Usage (F°) -80°
High Temperature Usage (F°) to 300°
Aging Weather - Sunlight Excellent
Adhesion to Metal Poor
Fluorosilicone is considerable more expensive than silicone, however it is developed for special applications where general resistance to oxidizing chemicals, aromatic and chlorinated solvent bases is required.
Fluorosilicone is not recommended and is generally attacked when exposed to brake fluids, hydrazine and ketones. Fluorosilicone should not be confused with silicone in regard to high heat resistance.