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Common Name Butyl
ASTM D-2000 Classification AA, BA
Military (MIL STD 417) RS
Chemical Definition Isobuylene Isoprene
General Characteristics
Durometer Range (Shore A) 40 - 90
Tensile Range (P.S.I.) 500 - 3000
Elongation (Max. %) 850
Compression Set Fair to Good
Resilience - Rebound Fair
Abrasion Resistance Fair
Tear Resistance Good
Solvent Resistance Poor
Oil Resistance Poor
Low Temperature Usage (F°) -10° to -60°
High Temperature Usage (F°) to 250°
Aging Weather - Sunlight Excellent
Adhesion to Metal Good
Butyl rubber is impermeable to most common gases and has good resistance to sunlight and ozone. Butyl is normally satisfactory when exposed to animal and vegetable oils and oxidizing chemicals. Butyl is not recommended for use with petroleum solvent, coal tar and aromatic hydrocarbons.